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Monday, July 8, 2013

Tweets and Articles and Blogs, Oh My!

"Trouble with Tribbles"

How many of you watched Star Trek: The Original Series at one time or another? It was among my standard list of TV shows to fall back on when primetime proved, undoubtedly, to be a disappointment. One of the episodes I remember very well is the one in which the Enterprise is overtaken by a multitude of fuzzy, rapidly multiplying creatures called Tribbles.

How in the world does that relate to anything remotely centered around the web, you might ask? Well, it has become increasingly obvious to me, over the course of the past few years, that there is an Internet Infestation of Information running rampant, and I am ill equipped to keep up with it. Every time I turn around I find new experts, authorities, and indeed entire websites providing me with a multitude of tips, tricks, and tidbits that fascinate me.

Overwhelming Wonders

In just three days back in April, during An Event Apart in Seattle, I came to question much of what I had already learned about such things as Responsive Web Design. While there I met, listened to, and in a few cases even had the opportunity to speak directly with, awe-inspiring individuals including Jeffrey Zeldman, Eric Meyer, Luke Wroblewski, Karen McGrane, Jared Spool, Ethan Marcotte, and Mike Montiero. It was an experience I will not soon forget, and certainly hope to repeat next year.

The trouble, ultimately, is that it is hard to know just where to look, and how to ingest all of this extraordinary data. Occasionally I am forwarded a blog post by a colleague, and while looking at that I open up two of the references within, and each of those point to additional materials of relevance. Before I know it, I'm knee deep in tabs but have to direct my attention back to work, family, or some other project. Time, ultimately, is against any one of us indulging in the entirety of what our field has to offer us.

Weeding It Out

So now I ask you - those who are taking the time to read this, my lowly blog - what do you do to regain control over your starship? How are you able to find the balance between staying abreast of the state of the Web and keeping your job, spending time with family, and working on hobbies?

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Anonymous Hammiu Joe said...

It is always a great experience talking with the experts in a field. Web designing is an ever ending field. There is lot to learn as new techniques and technologies are developing in a day to day basis.

July 12, 2013 12:13 PM  

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